You aren’t going to find any stories about a princess stuck in a castle tower who waits for a bit of “magic” to rescue her out of her bad situation.  There wont be any stories of a young boy being given “magical” beans that will change his life forever.  Those stories give children the wrong idea.  They tell your kid when life gets tough just wait until the “magic” comes around to make it all better.  The “it will all work out” mentality isn’t helping anyone these days.  Is that what you want your kids to learn, or do you want them to be able to solve their own problems?  Don’t you want to teach them to make their own success?

Who doesn’t want their kid to grow up to be successful.  It’s every parents dream to see a bright future for their child.  The question is what makes a child successful?  What separates those who grow up to live an OK life, from those who grow up to live a life of excitement, adventure, and immense wealth?

You could stand back and let nature take its course.  You could hope that your child gets lucky and becomes one of the more successful among his peers.  Maybe he or she is lucky to become a much better than average student.  Maybe they’re lucky and you find out they are a natural athlete.

Or you can make a choice to take responsibility for your child’s future.  You could decide your child shouldn’t need to depend on luck because you know that luck isn’t what makes people successful.  It about knowing the right stuff.  It’s about hard work and dedication.  It’s about handling difficult situations and overcoming the obstacles that stop everyone else.


That’s what Alpha Kids is all about.  From every book to every blog post, it’s about taking responsibility for your child’s future.  It’s about teaching them to take responsibility for themselves.  It’s about teaching them the life lessons that lead to fortune, health, and happiness.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I have all the answers, but I’m going to help you find them.  I’m enlisting the help of successful people all around the world to learn their stories and find out how they got to where they are.  Every story isn’t some fabricated lesson that sounds like a good idea.  It’s a key lesson that has led to the success of the people you wish your child to be like.

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