I’ve struggled to find the story for my second book, but finally it has begun to piece together. I could have put this story together months ago, but I would never have forgiven myself if I did. The Alpha Kids books aren’t for teaching good life lessons. They are about teaching kids the most important lessons in life to lead them to success and greatness. Lessons like sharing and and waiting your turn just don’t meet the standards for these books. So I wasn’t going to even start writing the second book until I was sure I had the right lesson.

I finally found it.

Where did I find it? I found it at the mall. In the food court to be more exact.

I used to love going to the mall with my parents and visiting the food court was the highlight of the trip. There were so many options for food and I always got to pick what I wanted to eat. It was a blessing and my curse. Back then I was an ignorant fatty who knew nothing about what I was eating. On a recent visit to the mall I got to see just how many other kids are just like I used to be. Fat, sick, and clueless about the food sitting on their plate.

I knew my next lesson had to show parents and their kids the importance of health, and I knew just the entrepreneur who could teach it to me. I can’t announce who it is just yet, but I promise you his name will be announced soon.

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU FEEDING YOUR KIDS?school-lunch-kids-eating

How much do you know about the food you are feeding your kids? Do you know where those chicken nuggets came from, or what’s in that plastic cup of apple sauce? Most parent’s don’t know. Most parents don’t want to know either because they would feel guilty in knowing what they were giving them. They would rather hope for the best and believe that feeding them what everyone else eats/ what they used to eat as kids is good enough. But you’re not most parents.

You want the best for your kids. You want them to be the healthiest most successful beings they can be. Not just now, but tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. You hate dealing with a misbehaving kid on a sugar high. The thought of seeing your kid sick and missing out on life is truly bothersome. It would kill you to find out your kid was being bullied or mocked for being unhealthy.

I’m not going to promote a diet or tell you what your kids should eat. Every parents deserve two rights when it comes to kids and their food. They deserve the right to know what they are feeding their kids, and they deserve the right to feed them what they think is best for their kids. So if you honestly believe that Fast Food and Rock Candy are fine for your kid then who am I to tell you not too, or judge you for it. Decide for yourself and for them.



Asking a six foot clown at your local fast food restaurant is the last place you’re going to find the answers you’re looking for. At most you’ll get one side of the story and you’re going to need at least another side to weight the truth. The first thing I would suggest doing is watching a couple of documentaries. I know documentaries are not your thing, so the good news is that there are some short ones on netflix that are great for getting started.

Some films are more graphic than others, so put the kids to bed before watching at first. After watching 1-2 documentaries you’re going to have a lot of questions, so the next place you’re going to go is google. Don’t get caught up too much in the science unless that’s your thing. The important thing is to find people, companies, or organizations you trust to tell you the truth about food. Then read their blogs, news articles, etc. In one night of watching documentaries and surfing the web, you’ll be more educated about food than 90% of all parents in America.

Ok so you have read and heard about what food is and where it comes from. You have enough know how to make an educated guess on what is OK and what is definitely not OK to feed your kids. You have a fridge and pantry likely filled to the brim with the latter. So what do you do? You know you want to make some changes to food you’re serving. You’re not about to waste all that expensive food, and you know that convincing your kids to eat healthier is going to be a struggle too.


#1 Keep putting food on the table. You’re family hasn’t eaten perfectly for the past few years or ever, a few more days or weeks isn’t going to kill them. Keep eating what you have in stock until the cupboards and fridge are almost bare. When all that you have left is some packs of stuff you’ll never want to eat anyway toss that last bit out. DONT KEEP BUYING FOOD YOU DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO EAT. If it’s in the house they’ll eat it. So once it’s gone, keep it out.

#2 Make a small list of healthy foods for your family, and only buy what’s on the list when you go to the store. If the only thing on that list is eggs and bananas, then you buy enough of those things to last until your next trip and nothing else.

#3 Give it time. No one, especially kids, are going to want to change their diet from what they are eating. Your body after eating a certain way for so long actually adapts to crave what you have been eating. It takes time for this to change. Your kids will slowly start to appreciate healthier eating if you stick to your guns long enough. Keep in mind good health is a marathon not a race.


The whole family has started to eat healthier now, but you’ll quickly learn there’s always healthier food than what’s on your plate. It’s easy at this point to start chasing diet trends or mixing in some new supplement your friend was telling you about. Should you start adding Quinoa to everyones lunches? What about all these so called superfruits? At this point we should all start juicing for breakfast right?

This is where people start to go crazy with the health rat race. You’ll start to make assumptions about how your health works. You’ll make crazy conclusions like if you drink a green smoothie in the morning then eating a double cheeseburger with fries later is OK, or if you have fried chicken and a soda but skip all your other meals for the day that it will all balance out.

It just doesn’t work this way. This sort of beahvior is a slippery slope back to poor food choices. So you should never try to do better than your first round of health choices right?


Any food choice has to be sustainable for your family. Making changes to what you eat can quickly effect your weekly grocery bill for the worse. Changes take time and focus too; that’s something people don’t have a lot of. If you try to make changes too fast, you won’t be able to sustain it, or you will sacrifice eating a healthy meal to afford a healthier one later. Instead focus on making easy small changes that you can manage across your whole diet and not just on occasions. For example, removing trans fats from all your foods, is going to be a better choice than feeding your family grass-fed steak once a week. As you progress you may find a way where eating grass fed meats regularly is possible for your family, if that is what you decide is best.

ONE FINAL TIP: Go visit a farm/ ranch with your kids.img_3079

Go see your food first hand. There is nothing more eye opening about everything I have talked about here than to go visit where your comes from. Most small to medium farms and ranches have free tours. Many of the ones I have visited have even offered a free pound of ground beef from the farm for visiting (Free dinner and a show!). Your kids will learn a lot about what real food is and how it’s made from a trip like this. I’ve recently been visiting some farms myself for a project I’m working on. I can tell you as much as I thought I knew about food, a farmer/ rancher always knows more. It’s their livelihood, for most it’s in their blood. Their passion is to get the best food to your table, and they would love nothing more than to show you how they do it.