Don’t feed your kids

How much heroin are you ok giving your kids? Probably not a lot right? How about just a little heroin. If your kids asked just for a little bit of heroin, would you give it to them? N0 heroin is probably your answer. I would never ever ever give my kid heroin. But if you are like most parents in the country, you do.

Heroin as we know it is an addictive and dangerous drug. It works on the opiate receptors in the brain among others things. Gluten also creates an opiate like response. When you eat wheat and rice products, the gluten turns into gluteomorphin (yes like morphine) and has an opioid (yes like opium) response. Sugars have a similar effect. They hit the brain in a similar way to heroin.

Look at you. You’re such a hypocrite. Didn’t you say you’d never give your kid any heroin? Is that bowl of Fruit Loops or Poptart you gave them for breakfast much different? It would save you time if you skipped pouring the milk or starting the toaster and just injected them with a quick shot of heroin. After all it’s part of this complete breakfast as the TV ads say.

Alright so now that you feel like crap, what can you do? Your house is full of wheat products, sugary snacks, and other unhealthy foods. Even some of the foods you thought were ok for your kids are a lot more toxic than you realize.

First off you have to realize what you’ve done. Your kids are hooked on this stuff. It’s like a pimp that gets his girls addicted to drugs so they never stray to far. Not too much or they can’t do their job, but just enough that they keep coming back. You need to stop feeding them this stuff. Ween them off or go cold turkey, I don’t care how you do it. Don’t feed your kids these sugar and gluten filled foods.

Stop buying them. If bad foods aren’t in the house, kids can’t eat them. At least not as often anyway. They are the cheapest foods in your house too. Feel free to just toss them in the trash. It won’t break the bank to waste this food. If you won’t do that, then grab a sharpie and start marking all these foods with the word heroin. Everyone knows it’s a bad word. It will make you think twice before reaching for that box of Cocoa Puff Nom Noms for your child’s breakfast.

There is more to learn about this stuff than you could possibly imagine, but a good starting point is to check out Dave Asprey’s stuff.  He created a site called the bulletproof executive.  Check out his video here for a starting point.  His wife, Dr. Lana Asprey, wrote a book on early development that is pretty spot on for learning more about this.  Check out her work here to learn more.