Watching kids grow up has been a large part of my early life.  My mother ran a daycare out of our house for the better part of 20 twenty years.  I saw dozens of families from all walks of life raise their kids.  I’ve seen more diaper changes, arts and crafts projects and snack times than anyone I know.  I went from being a part of the rugrats to helping them grow up themselves.

Entrepreneurship has been a major part of my life as well.  The first job I ever had was my own little landscaping business that my dad helped me get going.  In the winters I was shoveling snow and in the summer I was cutting grass.  I don’t think my dad ever realized what he was doing at the time because I got caught by the entrepreneurship bug.  Ever since then I have been obsessed with people who can make a successful business.

I started alpha kids after attending a number of entrepreneurship events and competitions.  I saw at many of these events parents bringing their kids.  They were exposing their kids to a way of living and working that I never even knew existed at their age.  Instantly I was jealous of these guys.  They were years ahead of where I was at that age, and I knew that if they kept going they were going to crush their peers in business and in life.  Alpha kids exists to give your kids that same leg up that these incredibly smart and aware parents were giving their kids.